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A website isn’t enough anymore

Introducing Urzy from Mediafour

iOS and Android Apps

Create stunning, dynamic apps that can be updated daily—without writing a single line of code.

Targeted Messages

Deliver messages to your customers’ smartphones that highlight areas throughout your store with Beacons.

Detailed Analytics

Get instant feedback on what messages and content are working and what isn’t with easy-to-digest analytics.

Custom iOS and Android Apps

Having a website isn’t enough anymore. Your customers our searching and shopping on their smartphones. Engage with your customers with an App branded for your business.

Urzy makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to create, manage and update content on mobile devices—no coding required! If you can write an email or create a Word document you can create beautiful, dynamic mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones.

You are constantly adding products and services to your business and your App should keep pace. Urzy features easy to use tools to help you not only create stunning apps, but also update the Apps monthly, weekly—even daily! Have an addition to your menu or want to showcase a great new product? Add it to you app in just a few seconds..

Add to your App with Beacons

In addition to custom Apps, you can now interact with your customers on a more targeted and personal level with Beacons.

Beacons are like another salesperson on the floor or guide in your business. They give you the power to laser-focus messages and provide relevant information to your customers based on areas or products in your business. Think of beacons as a guide helping your customer navigate through your business.

Along with the beacon’s micro-location messaging, you also get real-time feedback on your messages, so you always know what is working and what isn’t. Need to make a tweak? Urzy’s online management makes the creation and scheduling of your campaigns a breeze.

How beacons work…

Place beacons throughout your location to deliver targeted messages


Beacons positioned near the entrance can welcome your customers into your business and inform them on special offers and events that are taking place.


shirt_appPlace beacons near new or featured products and when a customer passes the item they will receive a notification giving them more details on the item. Urzy is like another salesperson.


shoeWhether it is a large area or individual product, Urzy can be used to push target messages to better inform your customers and drive sales for various products.

Urzy is perfect for…


Urzy was made for retail.  Whether they are used for information or promotion, beacons deliver results.

Increase traffic – Notify people walking by or engage customers already in your business to show what you have to offer.

Highlight new products – Get the word out about a new item or feature delivered right to your customers’ pocket.

Promote specials and sales – No one carries coupons anymore. Remind customers of specials and pique their interest with new offers.

Product information – Beacons can push audio and video content to enhance a visitors experience.

Museums & Galleries

Museums, art galleries, exhibitions, trade shows, or any tourist attraction is the perfect place for Urzy. Whether they are used for information or navigation beacons can be a fun and interactive tool for your visitors.

Information – Use beacons to provide more details on artwork, exhibits or different areas.

Scavenger hunts – Encourage your visitors to explore their surroundings by placing beacons around for a scavenger hunt.

Self-guided tours – Provide audio and video content throughout your venue to enhance a visitors experience.

Concerts & Large Events

Urzy can help before and after the show. Along with navigation and information, Urzy’s analytics can be used to show traffic patterns of attendees, giving you valuable insight into where your customers are going and what they are doing.

Navigation – Urzy can help guide attendees throughout an event with maps and location queues.

Information – Engage your attendees with insight into your event and keep them updated with the latest information.

Event planning  –  Robust analytics give you greater insight into your attendees. Where are they going? How long are they there? You can now optimize your event with real-time customer traffic information.

How can I start using Urzy?

Custom Apps

Urzy makes is easy to create your own custom, branded app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Existing Apps

Already have an app? Add the power of Urzy to your existing app to make it beacon-aware and add dynamic content with the Urzy API.

Web and Ad Agencies

Urzy’s powerful mobile tools blend into your clients current marketing plans to increase their brand awareness.

The possibilities are endless.
Get started today.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what Urzy can do for you and your business. Contact us for more information on how Urzy can change your business.

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